The Account Management:
Precision and Insight by Hundred MS

The Management Accounts: Precision and Insight by Hundred MS

In the dynamic world of business, decisions should be driven by accurate, timely, and insightful information. Our management accounts service offers just that, by translating your financial data into actionable insights, enabling you to steer your business with confidence.

Understanding Account Management
Understanding Management Accounts

Account Management, while not mandatory like statutory accounts, are internal financial reports tailored to your business’s needs. These reports provide crucial real-time insights into financial health, driving informed business decisions. Whether you’re looking to track profitability, cash flow, or specific key performance indicators (KPIs), management accounts serve as your navigational compass.

Why Choose Hundred MS for Your Account Management Management

With the complexities and ever-evolving landscape of the business world, having a reliable partner to compile and analyze your management accounts is pivotal. Here’s why Hundred MS stands out:

Tailored Reporting

We understand that every business is unique. Hence, we customize management reports to resonate with your specific objectives, ensuring relevance and precision.

Swift Turnarounds

Time-sensitive decisions require swift insights. Our dedicated team ensures your reports are delivered promptly, enabling you to act fast.

Expert Analysis

Beyond just number crunching, our specialists interpret the data, offering actionable insights and recommendations to propel your business forward.

Integrating Account Management Into Your Strategy

Account Management are not just about recording and reporting; they’re strategic tools. By integrating these accounts into your business strategy, you can:

Identify trends early on

Pinpoint potential cash flow issues

Make informed investment decisions

Evaluate the profitability of different business segments

Understand the financial implications of various strategic choices

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Make the proactive choice for your business’s future. Dive into the world of insights with Hundred MS’s management accounts services. Connect with our experts today for a tailored approach to your financial strategy.

CFO Services FAQs

What exactly are account management?

Account Management are a set of purpose-driven financial reports generated for internal use. Unlike statutory accounts, which are produced annually, account management can be produced as frequently as needed—monthly, quarterly, or even weekly. They offer real-time insights into financial performance, aiding in informed decision-making.

How do account management differ from financial accounts?

While financial accounts are geared towards external stakeholders (such as investors, banks, or regulatory bodies) and are mandatory, account management are for internal use. They’re focused on helping management understand the business’s performance to guide strategic decisions and are tailored to specific business needs.

Are account management mandatory?

No, they’re not legally required. However, they’re immensely valuable for businesses aiming for growth, stability, or simply a clearer understanding of their financial performance.

How often should I get my account management prepared?

The frequency depends on your business needs. While some businesses prefer monthly reports to keep a close eye on their finances, others opt for quarterly or even bi-annual reports. The key is to ensure they’re frequent enough to provide valuable, timely insights.

Can Hundred MS help set up a system for continuous management reporting?

Absolutely! We specialize in setting up efficient, continuous reporting systems tailored to your business’s unique needs, ensuring you always have your finger on the pulse of your financial health.

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Narek Abgaryan
Narek is the CEO of Hundred CJSC. Before embarking upon this position, he accumulated 7+ years of multinational experience including the positions of CEO, Head of Research and Member of the Board at various licensed and regulated investment companies. Narek is a graduate of Hult International Business School, Armenian State University of Economics and is currently pursuing his education at Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford. Narek is a CFA charter holder and a certified FRM.
CFA, FRM, Fund Manager & CEO
Our Mission
Our mission is to extend our partner-based, specialized and cost-effective cooperation to our clients to enable them to focus on their long-term strategy and leverage their core competencies around value-creating activities, thereby boosting Armenia’s economic development.
Our Vision
We have a deep conviction that the financial system is the pillar of our civilizations. Economies that are exploding with growth are the ones that adopted modern finance. We aim to reach a reality where access to unconventional finance technics should be within reach of every economic unit. This shall empower everyone to allocate their human and financial capital more purposefully and innovatively for the benefit of a secure, wealthy, and responsible society.
In "Hundred" CJSC, we are structuring our goals to revolve around the best interests of our investors and business partners. The basis we build our strategy on is satisfaction of expectations of our Clients, by bringing substantial profits to them through ethical management of investments, assets and portfolios. In the path of achieving the set tasks, we target new financial products adapted to the Client’s needs and offer variety combinations of interdisciplinary innovations. Following our set of values, we see our short-term goal in becoming one of the leading players in the domestic market, pursuing the long-term ambitious goal of integration into regional and global financial markets.
Corporate Values
We believe that earning the trust of each Client cements the next layer of the foundation of the Company’s reputation. Financial relations are built on trust; thus, our reputation is the heart of our business. Our allocentric approach to dealing with clients ensures that we always put their interests first. We do our utmost to make sure that our decisions are utterly disconnected from the greed when it comes to rendering our services. Promulgating ethics and adhering to the highest professional standards are the bedrocks of our corporate values.

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  • Are you in the dark about your company's true valuation and need clarity?
  • Is the challenge of cleaning up your accounting books holding your business back?
  • Are outdated systems causing inefficiencies, prompting the need for an ERP implementation?
  • Have you identified the need for a robust risk management strategy but don't know where to start?
  • Are you looking for a one-stop firm that can handle everything from corporate strategy to asset management?
  • Are You Ready to Transform Your Businesses’ Financial Landscape?
    Levon Garibyan
    Levon is the Business Development Director and Strategy Specialist of the company. He acquired international experience of more than 10 years, managing private firms with various business profiles in UK, UAE and Russian Federation. Levon studied in Cranfield University School of Management and Moscow State University of International Affairs (MGIMO).
    Business Development, Strategy & Fundraising
    David Tarkhanyan
    David is the co-founder of Hundred MS. He is a Banking specialist with a focus on Financial Controlling, Planning, and Performance Management. His experience extends more than 10 years in various investment banks in Vienna and Frankfurt. David studied Physics at Bauman University and Industrial Engineering at the American University of Armenia.
    Financial Controlling Investment Banking