Privacy Policy


Welcome to Hundred MS, a leading cloud-based advisory firm committed to delivering comprehensive financial and managed cloud services. Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum traditionally associated with CFOs, controllers, accountants, and analysts, tailored to meet the evolving needs of growth-oriented companies.

Established with the goal of acting as a catalyst in finance and accounting managed services, Hundred MS is dedicated to empowering businesses to sharpen their long-term strategies and concentrate on value-creating activities that harness their core competencies. Our services are designed to provide robust support, enabling our clients to navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence and precision.

At Hundred MS, we recognize the paramount importance of privacy and data security in today’s digital world. Although we are not currently compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or other specific data protection regulations, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security. Our operations span the United States, Germany, and Armenia, and we are poised for expansion into additional markets. This global footprint underscores our commitment to respecting the diverse data protection needs and expectations of our clients across different jurisdictions.

Central to our commitment to data security is our reliance on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Our choice of a VDI, hosted by a GDPR-compliant virtual server provider, is a strategic one. It reflects our proactive approach to protecting client data and enhancing security. This infrastructure not only fortifies our data handling capabilities but also aligns with our vision of providing secure, reliable, and cutting-edge services to our clients.

This Privacy Policy is designed to transparently convey how we collect, use, protect, and handle your personal information in the course of providing our services. It reflects our dedication to privacy and data security and our commitment to being a trustworthy and responsible partner to our clients. As we continue to grow and evolve, so too will our practices and policies, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of data protection and privacy standards.

Information Collection

Scope and Nature of Data Collection

At Hundred MS, our primary focus is on handling corporate data rather than personal data. Our services are tailored to support the business needs of our clients, and in doing so, we engage with various types of corporate information. This section outlines the scope and nature of data collection by Hundred MS, emphasizing our commitment to data security and minimal data retention.

  1. Corporate Data:
    • Our primary interaction is with corporate data, which encompasses financial records, business strategies, operational information, and other data pertinent to our clients’ corporate activities.
    • The nature of the data we handle is strictly professional and business-oriented, with a clear emphasis on corporate confidentiality and integrity.
  2. Client Communications:
    • We collect and maintain records of communications with our clients, including emails, meeting notes, and correspondence through other communication channels.
    • This collection is essential for effective client service, project management, and maintaining a history of interactions and decisions.
  3. Use of Client Servers and Storage:
    • In delivering our services, we may access and utilize our clients’ servers and storage solutions. This access is governed by strict protocols to ensure data security and client confidentiality.
    • Our interaction with client systems is conducted in a manner that respects the integrity and privacy of the client’s internal data.
  4. Data on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI):
    • Although we prioritize using our clients’ systems and minimize data storage on our end, some data may be temporarily saved on our VDI servers.
    • Our VDI servers, hosted by a GDPR-compliant provider, offer an additional layer of security and are used in limited scenarios to ensure the protection and integrity of the data.
  5. Minimization of Data Storage:
    • Consistent with our commitment to data security, we endeavor to minimize the storage of data on our systems.
    • Our approach is to use client data only as necessary for the provision of our services and to delete or return data as soon as it is no longer required.

Data Collection Methodology

Our data collection methods are designed to be unobtrusive, secure, and aligned with the professional nature of our services. Data is collected in a manner that respects the operational boundaries of our clients and is only accessed with explicit consent and for defined purposes.

By detailing our data collection practices, we aim to maintain transparency and trust with our clients, ensuring that they are fully informed about how their corporate data is handled in the course of our services.

Use of Information

Purpose of Information Use

At Hundred MS, our use of client information is strictly confined to the provision of our financial and cloud services. This section outlines how we utilize the information we access, ensuring that our clients are fully informed about the application of their data.

  1. Service Provision:
    • The information we collect is used primarily to deliver the financial and cloud services we offer. This includes activities such as financial analysis, strategic planning, cloud management, and other related services.
    • Each piece of information is used with the specific purpose of enhancing and personalizing the services we provide to our clients.
  2. Client Support and Communication:
    • We utilize client information to facilitate effective communication. This includes responding to inquiries, addressing service issues, and providing updates relevant to our services.
    • Regular communication is essential to ensure that our services are aligned with our clients’ needs and expectations.
  3. Operational Improvement:
    • To continuously improve the quality of our services, we may use client information in an aggregate and anonymized form for internal analysis. This helps us to better understand industry trends, refine our service offerings, and enhance our operational efficiency.
    • This analysis is conducted in a manner that respects the confidentiality of our clients’ data and is solely for the purpose of improving our service delivery.

Restrictions on Information Use

We adhere to strict guidelines regarding the use of client information:

  1. No Unauthorized Use:
    • Client information is never used for purposes other than those explicitly related to the delivery of our financial and cloud services. We do not engage in the sale, trade, or unauthorized disclosure of client data.
    • Any use of client data outside the scope of service provision requires explicit consent from the client.
  2. Data Integrity and Relevance:
    • We ensure that the information used is relevant, accurate, and necessary for the specific service being provided.
    • Regular audits and reviews are conducted to ascertain the relevance and accuracy of the data in our possession.
  3. Compliance with Legal and Ethical Standards:
    • Our use of client information is always in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate.
    • We maintain high ethical standards in our data handling practices, ensuring that our use of information aligns with our commitment to integrity and professional responsibility.

By clearly defining the use of client information in our operations, Hundred MS reaffirms its dedication to responsible data handling and the provision of high-quality services tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Commitment to Client Confidentiality

Hundred MS maintains a steadfast commitment to the confidentiality of client information. Our policies on information sharing and disclosure are guided by a principle of minimal external exposure, ensuring that client data remains protected and private.

  1. No Third-Party Sharing:
    • We do not share, sell, lease, or otherwise disclose any client information to third parties unless explicitly directed by the client.
    • This commitment to non-disclosure is a cornerstone of our trust-based relationship with our clients, reflecting our dedication to privacy and data security.
  2. Client-Directed Disclosure:
    • In scenarios where a client directs us to share information with a third party, we adhere strictly to their instructions.
    • Client directions for such disclosures can be provided either verbally or in writing. We maintain a record of these instructions to ensure accuracy and accountability.
    • The scope of information shared is limited strictly to what is specified by the client, and we engage in thorough verification processes to ensure the authenticity of these instructions.
  3. Legally Mandated Disclosures:
    • Should a situation arise where we are legally compelled to disclose client information (e.g., by court order or in compliance with legal obligations), we will do so in accordance with the law.
    • In such cases, we will notify the client of the legal request and the extent of information that must be disclosed, unless prohibited by law.

Safeguards in Disclosure

  1. Documentation and Verification:
    • All client instructions regarding information disclosure are documented and verified for accuracy and authenticity. This process is crucial for maintaining a transparent and accountable disclosure practice.
    • Documentation of disclosures includes details such as the scope of information shared, the recipient, and the purpose of the disclosure, providing a clear audit trail.
  2. Selective and Limited Disclosure:
    • Any disclosure of information, whether client-directed or legally mandated, is conducted on a selective and limited basis. Only the specific information required or instructed to be shared is disclosed.
    • Our approach ensures that any disclosure is proportionate and relevant to the purpose for which it is being made.
  3. Client Notification and Engagement:
    • In cases where we are directed by the client or legally required to share information, we maintain open communication with the client. This includes notifying them of the disclosure details and, where possible, involving them in the decision-making process.

By adhering to these strict guidelines, Hundred MS ensures that all information sharing and disclosure is conducted with the utmost respect for client privacy and data security. This policy underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding client information and upholding the trust placed in us.

Data Security

Enhanced Security Through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Hundred MS employs a robust Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to maximize data security and safeguard the integrity of client information. This section outlines the comprehensive security measures we have implemented to protect the data residing within our VDI.

  1. Centralized File Server at a Certified Data Center:
    • Our data is hosted on a centralized file server located at Hetzner, a German data center renowned for its security standards and ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This certification attests to the highest level of data security management and risk mitigation.
  2. Security-Hardened VDI Infrastructure:
    • Our VDI infrastructure is meticulously designed with hardened security measures to limit data access and processing. These measures ensure that client data is handled in a secure, controlled environment.
    • Data copying via the VDI is strictly prohibited, reinforcing our commitment to data integrity and confidentiality.
  3. Access Control:
    • Access to our VDI and its data is restricted to authorized individuals only. This ensures that sensitive client data is accessible solely to personnel who require it for legitimate business purposes.
    • Rigorous authentication protocols are in place to verify the identity of individuals accessing the VDI, safeguarding against unauthorized access.
  4. Encryption of Data in Transit:
    • All traffic between clients and our VDI is encrypted. This encryption protects data integrity and confidentiality during transmission, ensuring secure communication channels.
  5. Multi-Layered Security Measures:
    • Our VDI infrastructure benefits from a range of multi-layered security measures, including:
      • Threat Protection and Virus Scanning: Continuous monitoring and scanning for threats and viruses to preemptively address potential security risks.
      • Separate Authentication Database: An isolated authentication database enhances security by segregating authentication information from other data.
      • Restricted Inbound Access: Inbound access from the internet is tightly controlled, allowing only necessary and authorized traffic.
      • Restricted Outbound Access via Proxy: Outbound internet access is routed through a proxy, enabling control and monitoring of data flow, further strengthening our security posture.

Commitment to Ongoing Security Vigilance

Hundred MS is committed to continuously evolving and strengthening our data security practices. We regularly review and update our security measures in response to emerging threats and advancements in security technology. This ongoing vigilance ensures that our VDI infrastructure remains at the forefront of data security, providing our clients with the assurance that their data is in safe hands.

By adhering to these stringent data security protocols, Hundred MS upholds its responsibility to protect client data with the utmost care and diligence, reflecting our unwavering commitment to data security and client trust.

Consumer Rights

Empowering Clients Through Data Rights

At Hundred MS, we recognize and respect the rights of our clients regarding their corporate data. This section outlines the rights available to our clients in relation to the data we collect and process on their behalf.

  1. Right to Access:
    • Clients have the right to request access to the corporate data that we have collected and processed in the course of providing our services.
    • We provide mechanisms for clients to review the data to ensure its accuracy and relevance.
  2. Right to Rectification:
    • If any corporate data we hold is inaccurate or incomplete, clients have the right to have it corrected. We are committed to maintaining the accuracy of the data we process and use.
    • Requests for data rectification will be addressed promptly to ensure the integrity of the services we provide.
  3. Right to Data Portability:
    • Clients have the right to receive the data they have provided to us in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. This enables them to transfer the data to another entity, should they choose to do so.
    • We facilitate the transfer of data in a secure and efficient manner, adhering to data protection standards.
  4. Right to Object to Processing:
    • Clients can object to the processing of their data, particularly for purposes beyond the scope of service provision or in cases where they have concerns about how their data is being used.
    • Upon receiving an objection, we will review the processing activities and take appropriate action in line with the client’s preferences and our legal obligations.
  5. Right to Erasure:
    • Also known as the ‘right to be forgotten’, clients can request the deletion of their data when it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or if they withdraw their consent for its use.
    • We ensure that such requests are complied with in a timely manner, consistent with our data retention policies and legal obligations.
  6. Right to Restrict Processing:
    • Clients may request restrictions on the processing of their data under certain conditions, such as when the accuracy of the data is contested or the processing is unlawful.
    • We respect these requests and will restrict the processing of data as per the client’s directive, unless required otherwise for legal reasons.

Exercising Your Rights

To exercise any of these rights, clients can contact us through the designated channels provided in our policy. We are committed to responding to such requests in a timely and efficient manner. Our approach to client data rights is guided by a commitment to transparency, responsiveness, and compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Hundred MS values the trust our clients place in us and we are dedicated to upholding these rights as a fundamental aspect of our service and our responsibility to our clients.

International Data Transfer

Navigating Global Data Transfers with Care and Compliance

As Hundred MS operates across multiple countries, including the United States, Germany, and Armenia, and with plans for further expansion, the international transfer of data is an integral aspect of our services. This section outlines our approach to handling international data transfers, ensuring compliance with applicable data protection standards and maintaining the integrity of client data.

  1. Compliance with Data Protection Standards:
    • In transferring data internationally, we are committed to complying with all relevant data protection laws and regulations in the jurisdictions we operate. This includes adherence to principles and standards set by laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, despite our current non-compliance status.
    • Our compliance efforts are focused on ensuring that data transfers are lawful, secure, and respect the privacy rights of our clients.
  2. Data Transfer Mechanisms:
    • We employ secure and legally compliant mechanisms for transferring data across borders. This includes the use of data transfer agreements, standard contractual clauses, and other legally recognized frameworks that provide adequate safeguards for data.
    • These mechanisms are regularly reviewed and updated to align with evolving legal requirements and best practices in data protection.
  3. Maintaining Data Security in Transfers:
    • Ensuring the security of data during international transfers is a priority. We utilize encryption and other security measures to protect data against unauthorized access or breaches during transit.
    • Our centralized file server at Hetzner, a German data center with ISO/IEC 27001 certification, plays a crucial role in securing data, both at rest and during transfer.
  4. Client Consent and Transparency:
    • Where applicable, we seek explicit consent from our clients for international data transfers, particularly in cases where data transfer involves jurisdictions with different data protection standards.
    • We maintain transparency with our clients regarding the nature, purpose, and destination of international data transfers, ensuring that they are fully informed and have the opportunity to express preferences or concerns.
  5. Handling of Data Sovereignty Requirements:
    • We are mindful of data sovereignty laws in various countries and ensure that our data handling practices comply with such national regulations.
    • Our approach to data sovereignty is tailored to respect the legal and cultural contexts of the countries in which we operate or transfer data.

Commitment to Responsible International Data Handling

Our handling of international data transfers is guided by a commitment to legal compliance, security, and respect for the privacy and rights of our clients. We continuously monitor and adapt our practices to meet the dynamic nature of international data protection laws, ensuring that our clients’ data is handled with the utmost care and responsibility across borders.

Use of Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Responsible Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

In our operations at Hundred MS, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies on our website and digital platforms to enhance user experience, improve our services, and for certain functional necessities. This section details our approach to the use of these technologies, ensuring transparency and adherence to best practices in data privacy.

  1. What Are Cookies and Tracking Technologies:
    • Cookies: Small text files placed on your device when you visit our website. They are used to remember your preferences, login details, and browsing history, to improve the efficiency and personalization of your experience.
    • Other Tracking Technologies: These may include web beacons, pixels, and other technologies that help in understanding how users interact with our website and services.
  2. Purpose of Use:
    • We use these technologies primarily to provide essential website functionality, improve site performance, and gather analytical data on how our website is used. This helps us to understand our user base better and to enhance the user experience.
    • We may also use cookies and tracking technologies for security purposes, to protect our website and our clients’ data.
  3. Types of Cookies Used:
    • Essential Cookies: Necessary for the functioning of our website, enabling basic features like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website.
    • Performance Cookies: Collect information about how visitors use our website, such as pages visited and any errors encountered. These are used to improve how our website works.
    • Functional Cookies: Remember choices you make (such as your user name) and provide enhanced, more personal features.
    • Analytical Cookies: Help us understand how visitors interact with our website, providing information about the areas visited, the time spent on the website, and any issues encountered.
  4. User Control and Consent:
    • We respect our users’ right to privacy. Users have the option to control the use of cookies through their browser settings. Most browsers allow users to view, manage, delete, and block cookies from specific or all websites.
    • For cookies that are not strictly necessary for the provision of our services, we seek explicit consent from users before placing them. This ensures that users have control over their personal data.
  5. Data Protection and Privacy:
    • The information collected through cookies and tracking technologies is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We take appropriate measures to ensure data security and to use the information only for the purposes stated in this policy.
    • Our use of cookies and tracking technologies is in line with our overall data protection policies and respects the privacy of our users.

Commitment to Transparency and User Choice

Hundred MS is committed to using cookies and tracking technologies in a responsible manner. We strive to maintain transparency in our use of these technologies and offer our users choices regarding their use, ensuring alignment with our privacy and data protection principles.

Policy Updates

Adapting to Evolving Standards and Practices

At Hundred MS, we recognize that the landscape of data privacy and protection is constantly evolving. As such, our Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time to reflect changes in our practices, legal requirements, and industry standards. This section outlines our approach to updating our Privacy Policy and how we communicate these changes to our clients.

  1. Periodic Review and Update:
    • We regularly review our Privacy Policy to ensure that it accurately reflects our current practices and adheres to applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
    • Updates to the policy may be made to address changes in our business operations, technological advancements, legal developments, or feedback from our clients and stakeholders.
  2. Notification of Changes:
    • When we make changes to our Privacy Policy, we are committed to communicating these changes to our clients in a timely and clear manner.
    • Notifications of significant updates will be conveyed through our usual communication channels, such as email, our website, or through direct communication with our clients.
  3. Accessibility of the Updated Policy:
    • The most current version of our Privacy Policy will always be accessible on our website. We encourage our clients and users to review the policy periodically to stay informed about our data protection practices and their rights.
    • The date of the latest update will be clearly displayed at the top or bottom of the policy to ensure transparency regarding its currency.
  4. Client Engagement and Feedback:
    • We value the input and feedback of our clients regarding our Privacy Policy and data protection practices. Client suggestions and concerns are important to us and will be considered in our policy review process.
    • Clients are encouraged to contact us if they have any questions or feedback about our Privacy Policy or data handling practices.

Commitment to Compliance and Transparency

Our commitment to maintaining an up-to-date Privacy Policy is part of our broader commitment to data protection, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and transparency in our business practices. By keeping our policy aligned with evolving standards and practices, we reinforce our dedication to protecting client data and maintaining their trust.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Upholding Legal Standards in Data Protection and Privacy

At Hundred MS, our commitment to data protection and privacy is deeply intertwined with our adherence to applicable laws and regulations. This section of our Privacy Policy outlines our approach to ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards in the jurisdictions where we operate.

  1. Adherence to Applicable Laws:
    • We diligently comply with all relevant data protection and privacy laws in the jurisdictions where we conduct business, including the United States, Germany, and Armenia.
    • Although we are not currently GDPR compliant, we are committed to aligning our practices with internationally recognized data protection principles, ensuring a high standard of data privacy and security for our clients.
  2. Monitoring Legal Developments:
    • Our legal team continuously monitors developments in data protection and privacy laws to ensure that our practices and policies remain in compliance with the latest legal standards.
    • This includes adapting to changes in laws, regulations, and industry guidelines that impact how we collect, use, store, and share data.
  3. Training and Awareness:
    • We regularly train our employees on data protection and privacy laws and best practices. This training ensures that our team is knowledgeable and can effectively implement our compliance strategies.
    • Employee awareness and understanding of legal obligations are fundamental to our approach to compliance.
  4. Compliance in Operations and Services:
    • Compliance with laws and regulations is embedded in our operational procedures and service offerings. This ensures that our business activities are conducted in a legally compliant manner.
    • We have implemented policies and practices that are consistent with legal requirements, including those related to data collection, processing, storage, and transfer.
  5. Audits and Assessments:
    • Regular audits and assessments are conducted to verify compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. These evaluations help identify areas for improvement and ensure ongoing adherence to legal standards.
    • We are committed to taking corrective actions as necessary to address any compliance issues identified during these audits.
  6. Responsiveness to Legal Requests:
    • We respond promptly and appropriately to legal requests or inquiries related to our data practices. This includes cooperating with regulatory authorities and law enforcement as required by law.
    • Our approach to legal requests is governed by our commitment to client confidentiality and the legal requirement to protect client data.

Reaffirming Our Commitment to Legal Compliance

Hundred MS is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of legal compliance in all aspects of our data protection and privacy practices. Our proactive approach to compliance reflects our commitment to responsible business conduct and the trust our clients place in us.

Children’s Privacy

Prioritizing the Protection of Children’s Data

Hundred MS recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of children, especially in the digital environment. Our services are not directed at children, and we do not knowingly collect or use any personal information from children. This section of our Privacy Policy outlines our approach to safeguarding children’s privacy.

  1. Service Not Intended for Children:
    • Our financial and cloud services are designed for use by businesses and are not intended for children under the age of 16. As such, we do not knowingly engage in business with children or collect data from children.
    • If we become aware that we have inadvertently received personal information from a child without verification of parental consent, we will take steps to remove that information from our records.
  2. No Collection of Children’s Data:
    • Consistent with our commitment to protecting the privacy of young individuals, we do not knowingly collect, use, or disclose personal information from children.
    • Our marketing and communication efforts are directed towards adults and are not intended to attract children.
  3. Parental Control and Involvement:
    • In the event that the collection of a child’s data is necessary under exceptional circumstances, such as in the context of providing certain services at the request of a business client, we will adhere to the strictest standards of children’s data protection.
    • We will ensure appropriate parental or guardian consent is obtained before any data collection, use, or disclosure of a child’s personal information, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Compliance with Children’s Privacy Laws:
    • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of children’s privacy, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States and relevant international regulations.
    • Our data protection practices are designed to conform to these legal standards, ensuring the safety and privacy of children’s data.
  5. Review and Removal of Children’s Data:
    • If a parent or guardian believes that their child has provided us with personal information without their consent, they may contact us to review and request the deletion of such information.
    • We take such requests seriously and will promptly investigate and address any concerns regarding the handling of a child’s personal information.

Dedication to Protecting Children’s Privacy

Our commitment to protecting children’s privacy is integral to our values and operations. Hundred MS takes all necessary precautions to ensure that children’s data is not collected, used, or disclosed through our services, upholding our responsibility to protect the privacy of all individuals, regardless of age.

Third-Party Links and Services

Navigating External Resources with Awareness

In the course of providing our financial and cloud services, Hundred MS’s digital platforms may include links to third-party websites, applications, and services. While these external resources can provide valuable information and services, this section of our Privacy Policy addresses our approach to third-party links and services and the importance of user discretion.

  1. Presence of Third-Party Links:
    • Our website and communications may contain links to external websites, applications, and services that are not operated or controlled by Hundred MS.
    • These links are provided for convenience or informational purposes and do not constitute an endorsement of the content, products, or services offered by these third parties.
  2. No Control Over Third-Party Practices:
    • We do not have control over the privacy practices, content, or security measures of third-party websites and services. Their privacy policies and practices are distinct from ours.
    • We encourage our clients and users to review the privacy policies of any third-party websites and services they access to understand how their information may be collected, used, and shared.
  3. User Discretion Advised:
    • Users should exercise discretion when interacting with third-party links and services. Hundred MS is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these external sites.
    • Any information provided to or collected by these third parties is subject to their privacy policies and practices, not ours.
  4. Security of Third-Party Services:
    • While we strive to include links to third-party services that maintain high standards of data security, we cannot guarantee the security of any information disclosed to these external entities.
    • Users are advised to make informed decisions regarding their interactions with third-party services, especially when it involves sharing personal or sensitive information.
  5. Feedback and Concerns:
    • We value feedback from our clients and users regarding their experiences with third-party links and services featured on our platforms.
    • Concerns or questions about these third-party entities can be directed to our team for review and potential action.

Commitment to Informed User Interaction

Hundred MS is committed to enhancing user awareness regarding third-party links and services. While we provide these links for added value, our dedication to data privacy and security extends to guiding our clients and users in navigating these external resources responsibly.

Contact Information

Open Channels for Communication and Support

At Hundred MS, we value open and transparent communication with our clients and stakeholders. Should you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding our Privacy Policy or our data protection practices, we encourage you to reach out to us. This section provides our contact details for your convenience.

  1. General Inquiries:
    • For general questions or information about our services, privacy practices, or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:
      • Email:
      • Phone: +1 727 625 4373
      • Mailing Address: 7901 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA
  2. Feedback and Complaints:
    • We welcome feedback and are committed to addressing any complaints regarding our data handling practices. Please direct your feedback or complaints to:
  3. Support Services:
    • For assistance with our services, technical support, or other client support needs, please contact our support team at:
  4. Emergency Contact:
    • In the event of a data breach or security incident, please contact our emergency response team immediately at:

Ensuring Accessibility and Responsiveness

Our goal is to ensure that your inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. We are committed to maintaining accessible and responsive channels of communication to foster trust and collaboration with our clients and partners.

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Narek Abgaryan
CFA, FRM, Fund Manager & CEO
Narek is the CEO of Hundred CJSC. Before embarking upon this position, he accumulated 7+ years of multinational experience including the positions of CEO, Head of Research and Member of the Board at various licensed and regulated investment companies. Narek is a graduate of Hult International Business School, Armenian State University of Economics and is currently pursuing his education at Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford. Narek is a CFA charter holder and a certified FRM.
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Our mission is to extend our partner-based, specialized and cost-effective cooperation to our clients to enable them to focus on their long-term strategy and leverage their core competencies around value-creating activities, thereby boosting Armenia’s economic development.
Our Vision
We have a deep conviction that the financial system is the pillar of our civilizations. Economies that are exploding with growth are the ones that adopted modern finance. We aim to reach a reality where access to unconventional finance technics should be within reach of every economic unit. This shall empower everyone to allocate their human and financial capital more purposefully and innovatively for the benefit of a secure, wealthy, and responsible society.
In "Hundred" CJSC, we are structuring our goals to revolve around the best interests of our investors and business partners. The basis we build our strategy on is satisfaction of expectations of our Clients, by bringing substantial profits to them through ethical management of investments, assets and portfolios. In the path of achieving the set tasks, we target new financial products adapted to the Client’s needs and offer variety combinations of interdisciplinary innovations. Following our set of values, we see our short-term goal in becoming one of the leading players in the domestic market, pursuing the long-term ambitious goal of integration into regional and global financial markets.
Corporate Values
We believe that earning the trust of each Client cements the next layer of the foundation of the Company’s reputation. Financial relations are built on trust; thus, our reputation is the heart of our business. Our allocentric approach to dealing with clients ensures that we always put their interests first. We do our utmost to make sure that our decisions are utterly disconnected from the greed when it comes to rendering our services. Promulgating ethics and adhering to the highest professional standards are the bedrocks of our corporate values.
  • Are your financial records more puzzling than they should be?
  • Has the audit process become a recurring nightmare for your firm?
  • Do important financial decisions stall due to unclear or absent financial reports?
  • Are high operational costs without clear returns keeping you awake at night?
  • Is hiring and maintaining a full-fledged financial team putting a strain on your resources?
  • Are you in the dark about your company's true valuation and need clarity?
  • Is the challenge of cleaning up your accounting books holding your business back?
  • Are outdated systems causing inefficiencies, prompting the need for an ERP implementation?
  • Have you identified the need for a robust risk management strategy but don't know where to start?
  • Are you looking for a one-stop firm that can handle everything from corporate strategy to asset management?
Are You Ready to Transform Your Businesses’ Financial Landscape?
Are You Ready to Transform Your Businesses’ Financial Landscape?
  • Are your financial records more puzzling than they should be?
  • Has the audit process become a recurring nightmare for your firm?
  • Do important financial decisions stall due to unclear or absent financial reports?
  • Are high operational costs without clear returns keeping you awake at night?
  • Is hiring and maintaining a full-fledged financial team putting a strain on your resources?
  • Are you in the dark about your company's true valuation and need clarity?
  • Is the challenge of cleaning up your accounting books holding your business back?
  • Are outdated systems causing inefficiencies, prompting the need for an ERP implementation?
  • Have you identified the need for a robust risk management strategy but don't know where to start?
  • Are you looking for a one-stop firm that can handle everything from corporate strategy to asset management?
Levon Garibyan
Levon, the co-founder and Business Development Director of Hundred MS, brings over a decade of international experience to his role. His career spans managing private firms with diverse business profiles across the UK, UAE, and Russian Federation. Levon has not only excelled in steering these companies towards growth but has also specialized in business development strategy and fundraising. His expertise in these areas has significantly contributed to the expansion and success of these firms. Levon's academic background is equally impressive, having studied at Cranfield University School of Management and Moscow State University of International Affairs (MGIMO), where he honed his skills in business management and international affairs.
Levon Garibyan
Levon is the Business Development Director and Strategy Specialist of the company. He acquired international experience of more than 10 years, managing private firms with various business profiles in UK, UAE and Russian Federation. Levon studied in Cranfield University School of Management and Moscow State University of International Affairs (MGIMO).
Business Development, Strategy & Fundraising
David Tarkhanyan
David is the co-founder of Hundred MS and the CEO of Hundred MS GmbH. His track record in delivering innovative financial solutions and driving performance improvement initiatives showcases his ability to lead complex projects and navigate the intricate world of finance. David's breadth of experience has equipped him with the unique ability to understand and address the multifaceted challenges businesses face today. His exceptional qualifications, marked by the CFA and FRM certifications, reflect his deep commitment to financial mastery and strategic insight. David's career is characterized by a wide-ranging experience in investment banking, performance management, controlling, and reporting, among other critical financial domains.
David Tarkhanyan
David Tarkhanyan
David Tarkhanyan
Financial Controlling Investment Banking
David is the co-founder of Hundred MS. He is a Banking specialist with a focus on Financial Controlling, Planning, and Performance Management. His experience extends more than 10 years in various investment banks in Vienna and Frankfurt. David studied Physics at Bauman University and Industrial Engineering at the American University of Armenia.